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Sabodé specialises in bespoke and ready-to-wear garments. The vision is brought to life through bespoke collaborations and season-less collections. Providing you with unique handcrafted products, balancing traditional with the modern.

Founder's Note:

This portal will allow for more insight to the mind of Sabodé. I'll be sharing my love for Fashion & Textiles through various mediums and how I link these disciplines in order to explore themes of culture, craftsmanship and spirituality.

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IYACHI ONYA | Wild Woman 

Collection I is a reflection of the dual nature a Woman possesses. Five styles, presented as five looks expressed through five personas. The collection is crafted for the woman who possesses the ability to morph into any look, fusing comfort with style.


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Sabodé services provides you with bespoke items. From festival ensembles to stage-wear each design is personalised to your requirements.

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