In Conversation

  • B L A C K

    In the last conversation of Colour Therapy I introduce you to my lifetime collaborator Juliana Kasumu. We'll be closing of the first season of 'In Conversation' discussing the colour black.

    A question has been inspired by Juliana... Is black a colour or lifestyle? Think on that for a moment.

    Asides from the above we speak on the colours associated with depression, the trials that come with studying away from home, Juliana's process documenting black bodies, plus more!

  • Y E L L O W

    The third article of 'In Conversation' for the Colour Therapy series is with Georgia Medley.

    As we discuss Georgia's favourite colour yellow we also speak on what we as black women have to consider when we wear colour, understanding the power that comes with walking in our confidence and the process of asserting oneself humbly in environments that have a hard time accepting the aura individuality exudes and the favour God has in ones life.

  • O R A N G E

    In the second 'In Conversation' article I introduce you to my friend Ola Alatishe. 

    We speak about the hope of orange and what that means in her life. Ola also shares her views on fashion and textiles looking from behind the scenes activities of the industry. I can assure you, you'll leave this article reflecting on your consumer habits and how you use colour in your day to day.

  • G R E E N

    The 'In Conversation' discussions launches with my dear friend Tosin Alabi. In this article will will discussing her favourite colour Green... it's not just any kind of green! It's the bougie type lol... yes, you may sense it's deep richness already. Read on to discover more about the effects this bougie shade has in Tosin's creative life and sense of style.