In  Conversation with Georgia Medley

Georgia wears...
Dress: Sabodé
Shoes: Ganni
Earrings: Apples & Figs


Reading Time: 25 minutes

Sandra Abode: *rounding off discussing about my new Google Pixel phone - yes, I’m showing off! lol =P*

.... Let's dive in! 

Georgia Medley: Yeah. Let’s dive in!

SA: Yellow is still your favourite colour right?

GM: Yeah, yeah, it is. And um… *pauses*... to be honest, yeah, it is. It's from my childhood.

SA: Yeah.

GM: I've always loved that colour. I tend to wear it on the odd occasion, like I wore your fabulous designs, thank you very much in bright yellow. And still to this day. That is just one piece that I'll forever keep in my wardrobe and pass down to my future child.

SA: Oh I love that!

GM: Yeah of course!


*both laugh*


GM: Yeah, I think if I'm gonna make a statement with something depending on the season, then yellow is the colour that I would go for. I actually recently bought two journals and the colour choice that I chose were both yellow! 

So when I did see your question, I was like, ‘Oh, that's interesting. I literally just bought my journals in yellow’.

SA: Love that. Let's start from the beginning and introduce you to the people!

I'll give a little background for those people who have read the first conversation, Tosin and I briefly spoke about how her and I met and then obviously you and Nathan come into the story. 

GM: Yeah. Ok.

SA: In the first conversation with Tosin, I kind of left it on a cliffhanger. And said, ‘if you want to know, you know how Tosin and I met tune into interview three’, which is with you!

GM: Yeah.

SA: You know, because the story definitely does start with you and Nathan at Ravensbourne...

GM: Yeah, yeah yeah.

SA: …before I was um… *pauses*... how can I say it? 


*both laugh*


SA: I don't even know the right word. But you won my soul! For Hillsong!...


*both laugh*


SA: ...and literally *pauses*... I love those years. 

GM: Yeah. Those years were good. 

SA: Do you know what I mean!?

GM: They were great.

I feel like we went from not knowing who this mysterious Sandra was, to then one time we just ended up all working late and then we all connected and it's history from then on.


*both laugh*


SA: Oh, my gosh, those all nighters! 

 GM: Yeah…

 SA: Georgia like… *pauses*... anyway, they followed me up until a few years ago. I can't lie...

 GM: Oh my gosh!

 SA: ...I think it definitely started from there.

 GM: I still do them now, it’s really terrible.

 SA: Do you!?

 GM: Mmm.. mmm… I'm trying to get out of the habit of doing them for sure. 

 SA: Yeah.

 GM: yeah.. But it all started in Ravensbourne *laughs* 

 SA: Honestly!

 Okay, so where should I… *thinks*... speak on…

 GM: Yeah, where should we start?

 SA: Let’s speak on who you are. Who is Georgia?

 Let’s start with that.

 GM: OK.

 SA: Yeah.

 GM: Wow.

 SA: Any way, you want to take it… *laughs*

 GM: Who. Is. Georgia?

 Um… *pauses*... I am… to be honest, when people ask this question, I won't instantly go for my job title, because I don't ever believe that's who I am. 

 SA: Good.

 GM: Um… who is Georgia? 

I'd like to think that I am someone who is confident in who she is. I think it's still okay for me to say that I'm still working out exactly who Georgia is. But over the years, I'm definitely as the years go on becoming more confident in who I am, bolder in who I am. I've learned from past experiences, the choices that I've made, or… I don’t know *pauses*... the experiences I’ve been through, I’ve learnt that I actually do have a strong personality and I'm quite a decisive person and I have strong points of views… and I'm okay with that.

There have been people in my life that it might not necessarily sit well with and they're no longer in my life. But that's fine. And I'm okay with that, you know?

I think I'm confident, a bold character… learning to be sure of myself each and every day and I'd like to think that in everything that I do as Georgia, as this person, as this woman, I do everything from love. I really, really think about what I think about so when I create or when I interact with people that I’m always approaching it through love. It’s something that I'm learning to do, always… *pauses*... so yeah, that's a kind of roundabout summary into who I am and maybe recent thoughts... *laughs to self* .... and reflections about me and who I want to be.


SA: Yeah, for sure. Thank you for sharing.

 GM: Yeah, a pleasure.

SA: I'm actually so glad that you didn't go for your job title first. 

 GM: *laughs*

 SA: Yeah… *pauses*... no. I’m learning in conversation not to ask people, ‘What do you do?’ 

GM: Yeah, yeah yeah.

 SA: Do you know what I mean? I want to allow it to naturally flow. 

 GM: Mmm…mmm…

SA: Even though some of your thoughts about who you are may have just come from recent reflection, for me personally knowing you over the years I would say that how you've described yourself is how I've seen you.

 GM: Ah, ok. Yeah.

SA: Yeah. So even if you think these qualities like I said have just come to you, I feel like you’ve always exuded someone who is intentional…

 GM: Yeah.

SA: ...decisive…

GM: Yeah, yeah.

SA: Confident like you said and bold. 

I feel for people who are in your life for a season or a lifetime, your confidence and boldness can be like marmite to some. 

 GM: Absolutely.

SA: Or like a deterrent to some, because they could be insecure in themselves, you know?

GM: Yeah, I've definitely had my fair share, especially recently, the last I'd say, two to three years. I've definitely made certain decisions or gone in certain directions with my life, and been intentional with those things, there's definitely you know… *pauses*... I call them shackles now, because they definitely were but I mean, people…

SA: Mmm....

GM: ....that were in my life, that have definitely fallen off and it's been great! *laughs*

SA: Rah, that’s powerful… shackles, mmm…

GM: Yeah, yeah. I look back and I'm like, ‘actually you we're just such a shackle in my life!’... 

SA: *laughs*

GM: … and now… *laughs* now, you're not in my life.

SA: You're freer.

GM: Yeah! I see the benefits. 

SA: Yeah. 

GM: And that's not to say that I think of them… *pauses*... and even now as I talk, it's not that I think of them with hate because even when I think about them, I try to think of them in love still…

SA: Mmm..hmm…

GM: ... you know? 

SA: Yep!

GM: It just doesn't mean that they need to be in my life. There was a time and a place and now it's not the time or the place but that's for the best.

SA: 100% 100%.... I pray that you continue to grow in your confidence!...

GM: Yeah! Absolutely, thank you.

SA: ... and your intentionality and coming from a place of love… yeah and your decisiveness because that is a mega mega strength... 

GM: Yeah.

SA: ...as a black woman. You know?

GM: Yep! For sure.

SA: Love.

Ok Georgia… *pauses*... why the colour yellow?

GM: I think the colour yellow because… *pauses* … like I said earlier I've always loved it since I was young. And for me, even just recently, when I purchased my journals, I'm just in a time where I feel really uplifted and refreshed and on a new journey. 

I just think the colour yellow for me is just a reminder of joy, good times, happiness and just things to look forward to, you know? I think yellow has always been my go to colour, if I want to feel joy, uplifted, revitalised... It reminds me of spring, it reminds me of new beginnings of freshness. So yeah, I think that's why the colour yellow… yeah.

SA: Ok cool.

Your background in fashion and even starting at Ravensbourne... because I remember you… *pauses*... when I remember your creativity, I remember your illustrations for some reason. 

GM: Mmm…

SA: Do you still illustrate?

GM: Not as much. No, I don't, to be honest, not as much at all. I used to doodle a lot.

SA: Yeah.

GM: A lot. A lot!

Yeah, I used to do a lot of drawing, but I don't... and I think painting is something that I would love to get back into and just illustrating and drawing because it's something I did do a lot… and I just and I just don't anymore.

SA: I'm gonna bring some paints in a sketchbook on Monday, and we're gonna do that.

GM: Oh my god. Yes. Let’s do it!

SA: Yeah!

I have also been like that, where I say, ‘I can't wait to...’ or ‘I need to get back to doing this…’ but, omo! no one knows tomorrow…

GM: Yeah it’s true!

SA: ...so let's be doing now! *laughs*

GM: 100% that’s it. Yeah, I'd love that. Yeah, I've got some stuff here under my bed that I rarely get out, so I'll bring it.

SA: Okay, amazing. I'm literally just writing a note to myself so I don’t forget. 

GM: Yeah. We can just have music on..

SA: Exactly and just vibe out.

… I was saying, that's why I remember your gift, your skill… *pauses*... because we weren't in the same, um… *thinks*... how did they call it?...

GM: Yeah… the groups.

SA: ... we weren't ever in the same group…

GM: No, we weren’t 

SA: ... which is why we met towards the end...

GM: Yeah, yeah.

SA: … we were seeing each other in passing. Because even Nathan said - whenever we talk about how him and I became friends, he was like, ‘I never liked you in the beginning!’...


Both: *laugh*


GM: You two!

SA: … and I was like, ‘who was checking for you!?’


Both: *laugh*


GM: Oh! My! God!

 SA: It was ridiculous.

 GM: Thats, so funny.

 SA: Yeah!...

So, we were in passing and that was one of the really cool things I saw because it sounds a bit, you know... bad towards our race but I never saw anyone around… *pauses*... like you and Angelica - I never saw any black girls that could illustrate in such a way with such personality and such character.

GM: Yeah.

SA: You know?

So when I saw it I was like, ‘Oh. My. Gosh. This girl is so cool!’.


Both: *laugh*


SA: Did colour therapy or has colour therapy played a part in your experience in fashion?

GM: Do you know what I reckon that it does, but indirectly.

SA: Yeah. 

GM: Without me knowing that it does, I think it definitely does. 

SA: Yeah.

GM: Um… even in my room, my room at my mum and dad's, it’s like my safe space, my haven but it's very neutral and very earthy… and the colours and the tones and the palettes are all wood, wood tones, browns, beiges… you know? 

Earthy colours and rustic materials with lots of plants and stuff. So I think all the green and all the… *thinks* … like, oh, what's it called? What are they called? I'm Looking at them now… the pampas... 

 SA: Oh! The pampas grass.

GM: Yeah, the pampas grass… all of those tones and those textures, when I come into my room I just feel, peace. 

SA: Mmmm....

GM: So I definitely think it does have an effect… and then in terms of fashion, yeah, there are definitely ways that colours bring a certain energy or a certain vibe. So when I think about concepts or styling there's definitely… *pauses*... even just from my personal experience, or maybe my own perception of colours and how I dress and how I think colour looks on me. 

Like for instance, red is a colour that sometimes when it comes to nail varnish or lipstick, I tend to steer clear from. But other people would say that it would look great on me, but it's just something that I necessarily wouldn't wear. But I have a statement red bag that's patterned, that I love…

SA: Yeah.

GM: So it's, it’s really strange. It depends on…

SA: ... the placement, where it is on your body.

GM: … on the placement. Exactly, exactly. It definitely depends on the placement. So yeah, there's more to it, but I think yes, subtly and indirectly, it definitely plays a massive part and I kind of handle it in a way that I just don't … *pauses*... I don't know, maybe I just do it without really thinking, but there is maybe more way more to it.

SA: Mmm...

I think the more I get into conversation with people about colour it is kind of 50/50. There are those who are subconsciously affected by it and then there are people who are very intentional about, you know, placement and how and how they use it… but what you said about using red on your lips and nails, I think for black women red can be to bold!...

GM: Yeah. 100.

SA: … depending on your complexion though…

GM: That’s it. It really does depend on your complexion because red does suit… *pauses*... I've recently styled a shoot with a really dark skin model and red looks incredible on her…

SA: Mmmm….

GM: I don't know if you remember when Lupita Nyong'o first made her red carpet appearance and she wore that red Ralph Lauren dress and everyone was like, ‘Wow!’

It was a wow moment because the colour against her skin, with her natural hair and she looked insane!


SA: Mmmm….

GM: Especially as a black woman because of the connotations that people have of us from society… for me red… *pauses* … maybe that's even in my own conditioning... for me personally I just can't wear red because it just makes me feel a certain way that I feel uncomfortable. 

SA: Mmmm….

GM: Or maybe that I'm being suggestive, and maybe that's something in my own subconscious that I need to deal with and get past, still. Maybe you know, but that's just me. Like, if I'm gonna wear red then it has to be a deep dark burgundy. 

SA: Yeah, rather than an orange tone...

GM: Yeah. The tone needs to be right. Or it could just be the fact that you know, yeah, it might be the bold red just doesn't simply suit my skin tone and it looks better on a different skin tone or a different shade of red like a deep dark red looks better on me. 

SA: Yeah. 

GM: So yeah. Colour... colour is interesting.

SA: That is facts.

GM: Yeah.

SA: To your point about the connotations behind red… and, you know, it's not even your fault. 

GM: Yeah. Yeah, definitely not, no.

SA: For me, who sometimes isn't shy to explore colour, I dare myself a little bit more to not be afraid. Because I can think about the root behind not wearing a certain colour, which is the fact that you're going to be seen, right?

GM: Yes, exactly. For sure.

SA: So not hiding away from that. Even today, for example, I wore… *pauses* … do you know what, this is why I laugh at men in general or anyone that wants to give suggestive or overbearing attention… I wasn't even wearing anything revealing - high waisted jeans and a knitted shirt blouse… and the looks! *laughs to self*... literal head turns that I was receiving today…

GM: I can imagine.

SA: … sometimes I really get anxious about walking where there's a lot of traffic or...

GM: Yeah. Me too. I’m like that.

SA: … that’s why I keep my shades on, keep my music in and my step bopping because I need to be vibin' so that anything that comes my way as I’m walking down the road, I can… *pauses*... like you said, I can respond to it with love because I really don’t want to be the opposite.

But just as I was walking today, I was just like, ‘rah! Imagine if I was wearing something really

GM: ...really revealing. 

SA: Yeah. ‘Or bold. How would I deal with that attention?’

GM: Mmm..hmm..

SA: Which is something that unfortunately… *pauses*... it goes two ways we either educate the men that respond to us in a particular way that we don't find it comfortable - so they should be mindful with the way they approach women or we ourselves accept and understand that, ‘Okay, cool. From the moment I step out my door, this is what I may receive today’ and be ready to respond, you know?

GM: Yeah.

SA: … in a way that is calm and collected… but it’s interesting how we have to prepare ourselves for any comments or looks…

GM: I think we do it so subconsciously, I think and naturally because it's just second nature. And it's, it's crazy. It’s actually mad, that you could just be in jeans and a top.

SA: Literally!

You know, but I guess... once again as females we can be naturally kind of like peacock-ish, you know?

GM: Yeah. And it's interesting you saying, you know, with colours and relating it to and relating it to being seen. 

Going back to the yellow I just realised now just as we're having this conversation I’m like, ‘I 100% were yellow to be seen’

SA: Mmmm…

GM: Whenever I've worn yellow it's been to make a statement, or it's been a killer outfit. I've worn yellow to a wedding, I've worn a really nice strapless... I still have it in my wardrobe. I wear it to feel good and be seen, like your dress that I wore to Fashion Week. I wore it to feel good and be seen, so it's interesting. 

SA: Yeah. 

GM: I'm wondering whether I stick to neutral tones at the moment to not really be seen maybe, I don't know. I never thought about it… and just to maybe keep subtle. Yeah, maybe that's something to think it's interesting. So interesting. 

SA: We have our cycles, isn't it? 

GM: Yeah, exactly.

SA: I don't think we should ever shy away from being seen. 

GM: No, no.

SA: I don't think we should shy away from that. 

GM: Not at all. Not at all.

SA: It goes with the confidence...

GM: Mmm.. hmm… all of that.

SA: … it's nice to see someone hold their head high. 

GM: Yeah! For sure. 

SA: You know?... and walk with that confidence. I am one to say obviously, in a modest and respectful way *laughs* 

GM: Yeah, definitely.

SA: Are there any other rooms or places outside that you go to because of colour, or you connect with?

GM: I... well, when I've been on holiday recently - I went to Greece last year, and I was in Dubai last year towards the end of the year as well… and, for me, I've now realised how much I love just looking and being by the sea…

SA: Oh my gosh, same.

GM: … and being around, and just seeing blue…

SA: Ooo yeah!

GM: ... like the sky and the sea… there's something about it, I just … *pauses* … it's just so soothing for me.

Above my headboard I've got a massive painting on top of my bed in my room. That is just like dashes of blue paint and colour and then in the middle, it's got like, gold, stone textures..

 SA: Oh! That looks nice…

 I said ‘that looks nice you know!’... In my mind *laughs*

 GM: Yeah, yeah. *laughs*

 … and it’s so subtle but it just… *pauses*... just talking about it now I'm like, ‘I wonder why I picked that?’... but talking about the blue sea and stuff, and just how I feel like I've recently got a new love for it. 

 SA: Mmm…

 GM: I think that's why I've got this in my room because it's so calming, it’s contrasting to the feature wall. It's kind of like a… *pauses*... I don't know, a mix between a really soft pink and taupe..

SA: Ok!

GM: Yeah, like it’s beige-y … uh! I Can’t describe it...

SA: I can picture it, don’t worry.

GM: Yeah.

SA: I’ve got a colour palette in my head, because I'm literally redecorating at the moment, I'm dealing with colour. So yeah, you have a contrast feature wall… 

GM: Yeah and then I have the painting on that feature wall, so it’s the blue contrasting that feature wall... 

SA: Nice! 

GM: And it is just calming. I think. I love it. 

I think just being by the sea and listening to the waves… and I love the contrast when the waves rush against the shore and the white against the blue

SA: Oh yeah! The foam init?

GM: Yeah, exactly… it just reflects the sky. Yeah, I love it. I love it. Just really soothing and relaxing. That's just peace for me.

SA: Nice. Thank you for sharing!

Do you remember when you last met me to pick up the dress and we briefly spoke about work? You mentioned that it was difficult time at work, then we got into the conversation about colour. 

GM: Oh Yeah, yeah, cause I'd just started my new job.. and I was definitely, well… *pauses*... I wasn't in what I brought to the table. I wouldn't describe myself as a fish out of water. But, to the onlookers, they thought that I was because my aesthetic or my skin tone didn't necessarily fit.

 Do you know what I mean?

SA: Yep! I feel you.

GM: So, it was definitely a rough time. I was brand new. So in a way, it was kind of, ‘I'm going to make a statement and wear this bold yellow dress to Fashion Week’

SA: Amazing!

GM: Low and behold, got lots of pictures taken, you got credited *laughs*... and you know, it's just those subtle little things that when you walk in your confidence, you let it speak for itself and quiet the haters... *laughs*.
And I say that in the most humblest way, because it wasn't easy. It wasn't easy. But I got through it regardless, you know?


SA: Mmm.. hmm…

Kudos to you honestly! So, aside from wearing, you know, the fabulous Sabodé dress!


Both: *laugh*


GM: Yes!

SA: Yeah… to establish, you know, this is who I am. What other things did you do to ease yourself into the new role and dealing with new people?

GM: Erm… just always gave 100%. 110% did above and beyond, not to prove anything to them because I was there. But just to kind of be like, ‘this is how I operate and this is how I do things and if you assume that it's anything less than, you're wrong’... you know? 

I just always did my job to the best of my abilities and went above and beyond and just let my work do the talking and I progressed a lot quicker, you know? Because I'm no longer there now and I've moved on from there, being promoted and to God be the glory.

SA: *claps*... to God be the glory indeed!

GM: Yeah. Exactly!

SA: My girl do you just want to shine a light on what you do and where you’re based now!?


Both: *laugh*


GM: So. I am now the fashion editor at Elle, UK.

SA: Come on!

Even the way she rolled her tongue! She said ELLLL-E!


Both: *laugh*


GM: So funny!

Yeah, so it's a long time coming… and I just think, you know what? 10 years ago, I was 17. At Ravensbourne.

 SA: Listen!

GM: Do you know what I mean? I was 17, because I left school a year early, didn't I? So I was always the young buck in our year of foundation and 10 years later...

SA: … You were, but you had a big head!...


Both: *laugh* 


SA: …you know? a mature Self.

 GM: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

 … and now 10 years later I’m here, so... it's like a dream, you know, so onwards and upwards. 

SA: Amazing. Always, always, always honestly. 

Being fashion editor at ELLE is that something you've always dreamt of becoming?

GM: To be a fashion editor, yeah. Because I've always wanted to work in magazines, I've always wanted to be a fashion editor so it is literally a dream… and to have the opportunity to shoot as often as I do with a magazine…

SA: Yeah…

GM: … is rare. So I'm really, really grateful and I'm really thankful for what I'm getting to do…  and I'm learning, people ask, ‘what's your style?’... I actually don't really know, I'm learning and I love different things. I'm not set. People like to put you in a box and I don't like that, because I like to think I can be quite a bit of a chameleon. 

SA: Yes, you are actually.

GM: You know?...Yeah, so I can adapt to different things and different environments, or different trends… I actually don't see that as a negative, I like to see that as a strength, that I can be adaptable. I think that's why I was able to work with so many different people and stylists when I was training or interning or assisting. Because I learned so much and I could adapt and understand and get the vibe and all of that stuff and read the room kind of thing. 

I don't know what the end goal is because for me, I’m here now and I didn't expect to be here - at this time, you know?... in my life, but I am and I'm really, really thankful. I just think I just love creating and I do love other things like branding and creative direction… seeing a vision, whether it's a product, a brand or something and doing the whole creative direction for that specific concept. So that's not even in magazines, I love doing photo shoots and I love creating an image…

SA: Yeah…

GM: … but I also love pushing that beyond and that's just one aspect, so I don’t know. I have dreams to have my own brand at some point and I have done the whole creative for that… I just love coming up with concepts for different things. To be honest, I don't actually know what the end goal is. I love doing so many other things that it could go in any direction I feel…

SA: Which is a beauty.

GM: Yeah, exactly… and I think I used to be a lot more, ‘No, this is what I want to do. This is what I want to achieve by this’... But I've learned that sometimes, even having that plan, God can just kind of do something in your life, and it just totally takes a different course and it actually works out for the best. So I'm holding on to what I do very loosely…

SA: Yeah…

GM: ...with open arms, because I'm kind of open now for it to lead in whatever direction that I'm meant to go in because it'll only be for the best and be for good anyway. So yeah, we'll see. I don't really know what it is yet, but I'm just going with it right now.

SA: Yeah and continue to 

GM: Yeah… for sure. Yeah, definitely.

SA: You definitely have the confidence in yourself, which is something that you have to know and I love the fact that you are a chameleon, because that's something that I also resonate with, as well...

GM: Yeah. Yeah.

SA: … and all the skills that you have under your belt, the more flexible you are, you know?...

GM: Mmm..Hmm…

SA: ... whenever God wants to throw something your way and be like, ‘George... (no typo over 'ere ;D) ...I want to see if you can handle this now’. You’re going to come ready!

GM: Yeah. 

SA: I have every faith in you girl, honestly.

GM: Thank you! Thanks.

SA: Yeah… so we’re coming to a close now, I would like to circle back to yellow.

I want to know if there are any key moments or memories that you have of this colour in your life? Or if there isn't, in any way that you choose you can sign out of our conversation.

GM: I’m trying to think... trying to think if there was anything back in the day when I was young.

I just loved the colour when I was little. I'm trying to think if there was anything that I had that I loved that was yellow. I can’t think… maybe I don't know… *pauses*... maybe it is back to the Sabodé dress, because I was in such a tricky space and I felt so great in it… and I got so many compliments that day. I think it just actually reminded me of who I was. 

SA: Mmm…

GM: I think. Well, I was in such a space where people may have been questioning me. ‘Who is this? Where did she come from? How has she got that job? What is she doing there?’ You know?... which could have easily made me question myself, that actually reminded me… ‘No Georgia look, you're meant to be here, you've earned your place. You don't need to be questioned by anyone. You know who you are, you know what you can bring to the table. This is you’.

And I think I stepped out in such confidence.. and I felt amazing. It just spoke for itself and it quieted down the noise, the unnecessary noise. That is irrelevant, now anyway, to this day… *laughs* ...and will be for me. 


Both: Forever more.


SA: *laughs*

GM: Yeah, maybe I'd say that.

SA: That's beautiful. Thank you...

GM: Yeah…

SA: … I'm glad. It's two sided for me, one is like the fickleness of people's opinions…

GM: Mmm… yeah…

SA: … the fashion industry and how acceptance statements go something like, ‘okay, she's got money, so we like her because she's wearing a brand I identify with’ or whatever. 

GM: Yeah.

SA: … But you presented yourself! Which is why presentation is always key... you presented yourself like you said as yourself, you know?... because you are more than enough, in whatever space that you want to enter. Aside from it being a fickle reality for some people on the flip side for me it's very heart warming because whenever I picture … *pauses*... the feeling I want to give through my clothes, is definitely that… you know?

GM: Mmm… yeah, yeah yeah.

SA: I can ever really put it into words. I can only hear back from my clients. Do you know what I mean?

GM: Yeah. For sure, absolutely.

SA: Or, when I think about my customer profile or my target customer… *pauses*... it can seem a bit self centred, but I start with myself first or I start with the people I can envision in my clothes… you know?

GM: Yeah.

SA: … that is closer to home than me profiling a celebrity so I would profile my friends at times *laughs*... cause everyone’s style is sooo unique to them, it’s so fun and eccentric in it’s own way. So I am honoured to have you come to me…

GM: Aww…

SA … and say ‘I want you to make this for me’....

GM: Mmm.. Hmm…

SA: … and wear it, in such a space and for it to have that feeling for you, yeah. I am so happy…

GM: Amazing.

SA: … and warmed by that.

GM: Thank you... 

SA: Thank you.

GM: … I need to get another one in a different colour… 


Both: *laugh*


SA: Listen… When I am back, I will definitely let you know.

GM: Yeah. Definitely.

 SA: I appreciate you for your time today Georgia…

GM: Of course!

SA: … Thank you for sharing.

GM: Thanks for asking me, girl! 

SA: Listen just know I’ll be asking, so just be knowing.

GM: *laughs* Ok.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope it inspired you to think about how you use colour in your day to day and whether it is subconsciously a form of therapy.
I invite you to share any comments you have below.
Until next time.
Love, Sandra x  

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  • Thanks Georgia for sharing your love for your chosen colour and you look amazing in the sabode design.

    Wishing you all the best in your future dreams. The good Lord is your shield and protector in your daily activities.

    Sandra keep up the good work.
    The best is yet to come in your life.

    Wear strength and honour as your clothe, laugh always and never ever be afraid of the future because the good Lord is in control of your life.

    Your Number 1 Fan 😊

    Prisca Ogar

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