Little things...

Seasons Greetings to you.
Old and new friends I appreciate you - thank you for stopping by.
This is an interlude to the gems I have in store for you this Spring. I'll leave much to the imagination for now - but trust me, wherever your interests lie I am sure you will discover something that reasonates with you.
A little back story to the picture above. It was taken Summer 2020 during a time when lock down had been lifted, my friend and I had used the opportunity to chill out in the park, skate, create and have fun. I am glad we did because as small as it may seem this is a memory I will cherish forever.
I'm not sure if you have ever experienced being fully consumed in the process of an activity that it almost feels as if your body is moving in a trance like state until you come back to the present to see and fully take in what you have created.
Just pause for a moment and think about it.
That day, the drawing on the ground gave me a glimpse into the state of flow. I was giddy, experimental, focused & childlike all at once until someone came by and asked me what I was drawing and I hesitated with an explanation but eventually something like this came out.
"It is an illustration of how I am feeling".
Allowing myself to surrender to the process, play and not be the judge made me understand three things...
1) To spend more time embracing inner child; that day I saw my name chalked on the ground. My namesake had tagged our name on the floor so I saw that as a sign to engage, create and release. Talk about synchronicities! 
2) Words will sometimes fail you; when they do, try and tap in to how you feel and flow from there.
3) As a creator it is my responsibility to understand what the process of pregnancy entails so that I can be a healthy vessel & caretaker.
I challenge you today to think about what seeds you are planting this Spring and what is required of you to ensure come harvest you will be reaping the rewards.
Love Sandra xx
Images taken by Tania Chikaima

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