Give me flowers while I can still smell them...

The way I usually reflect on and talk about the seasons it is still a surprise to me that not a lot of action goes into the Spring and Winter, cause come Summer I'm all about enjoyment, booking holidays and making sure I have a memorable birthday whether I spend it alone or with friends and family - all is intentional. Autumn? - what's that? Clearly I'm missing during that season (depending on whether global warming drags on Summer for a couple weeks) since it's the beginning of hibernation for me and also when SAD (seasonal affective disorder) says "Hi!". This is something I've become aware of over the past 2 years and it's swept me under but not this year - I'm wiser!
Back to the point...
Spring comes with its own set of instructions - clean, let go, re-organise etc. The new I've decided to bring in this year is to actually put those instructions to action and silence my inner very comfortable and rebellious procrastinating self. This is because deep down I know there are things that I do not 100% LOVE when I should and quite frankly I'm done with envisioning the potential of ideas, it's time to ground that daydream!
Something just came to me...
This newness also comes with a change of attitude. Chao chao! To old habits - I see you and let you go babes. You have served but also hindered me and it's not your fault I accept full responsibility but like I said before - I'm wiser! ;-)
Aside from the Spring clean and attitude reset I'm also introducing this journal as part of the nu-nu. I'll leave my commitments to your imagination and hope that you'll stay curious enough to check in from time to time.
Thank you for reading and I encourage you to initiate something for yourself this season that you've been meaning to do for a long time or have just recently been inspired to do.
Before I go I'll leave you with this advice a dear friend gave me the other day incase you or others you know are affected by SAD or may be experiencing an overdue return to routine.
"When it's time for you to leave the underground and start living above ground DO NOT let fear take you under"
Now go & get your flowers when you can still smell them!

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