COLLECTION I - Fashion Film

IYACHI ONYA | Wild Woman


The short film takes you on an intimate journey of memory and feeling set against the backdrop of wild nature. The concept explores the process of being and becoming initiated through the dream state with Woman remaining the constant as her persona transforms. 

As the storyline progresses its aim is to challenge to the negative connotation the word 'wild' evokes by sharing an alternative perspective as the visuals transition through themes of poetry, love, craft, identity and movement. All of which are connected to style and how one expresses self in the real world. 

Thus informing the notion that we are many elements at one time.




Sabodé introduces you to origin and language. IYACHI ONYA translates to 'Wild Woman' in mothers' native tongue Yala. Spoken in the town Okpoma 'the land of salt' of Cross River State located in south, south Nigeria.
Persona; "A presence which eclipses the mundane personality. The outward display of mastery".


WOHI ONYA | Stylish Woman

A Woman who is effortlessly sophisticated.


PIATA ONYA | Transformed Woman

A Woman who approaches life with fluidity.

INI ONYA | Fine Woman
A Woman who embraces her natural essence.


NTIKONI ONYA | Peculiar Woman

A Woman who dresses her unique nature.


YENYE ONYA | Cool Woman

A Woman who exudes originality.


"The energy of yin, never died. Instead it is dormant. Now is the time to wake up. Women must lead, there is no other way".

*Quotes by Clarissa Pinkola Estés