Sabodé values the principles of exchange and believes it is important to engage with and give back to our community. This is reflected through the 'Open Hand' emblem which symbolises:
Self Healing > The act of healing oneself guided through instinct 
Self Power > The ability to change the direction of your life
Self Creation > The process of creation and destruction to produce both newness and value
    Open Hand is a visual reminder for us to master craft and continuously revive our humility in order to become more honest and loving in this journey of life.
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    Sabodé x The Teen Experience

    Self-Love + Identity

    The Teen Experience provides workshops by London's leading female bloggers, journalists, artists and influencers; the experience will empower, educate and engage a fast-paced, social media savvy generation, and allow teens to build relationships with each other beyond their mobile phones and social media apps. 

    In this session I explored this theme of self-love with the girls, taking them on a journey of guided visual meditation and discussed and shared personal ways of how to practice self-love through stillness and tuning into their ones own voice to inspire their design ideas.


    Sabodé x GRIT 

    Wellbeing + Identity
    GRIT is dedicated to working with young people and adults. Facilitating programmes that support them to change the way they think so that they can radically alter their outcomes in life. Their combination of intense personal development and coaching allows people to increase their sense of agency, self esteem, relatedness and possibility.

    An aspect we should talk about when we discuss wellbeing are our 'goals' and what that means to us individually and collectively. This is the next step we need to take when we are working to discover our purpose. The workshop challenged the young people to think about who they are and why. Their answers were distilled through a process of reflection on intentions for the year which informed the designs for their visual mantras.